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Computer initial purchase consulting
WE can help you determine the best system for your intended use.  We complete a thorough interview with you to listen for the real reasons why you want a computer or want to upgrade your existing system.  After advising you of possible technologies that may also help you with your intended use, we can help you find the best system for your budget!
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Computer maintenance
Over sixteen years of experience maintaining small computers will insure that you get your system in proper working order in the quickest possible time.
On-Track Partner for Data Recovery We can help either locally recover data or assist you in sending your drive to the On-Track Clean Room for higher level data recovery
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Computer upgrades
Each week new technologies or improvements to existing technologies are released for small computer users.  Which one is right for you?  What standards should you be looking for and where can you get the best deal for your dollar.  Spending a little on consulting may save you a lot of hassle.
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Computer home networking
Want more than one computer connected together using shared hard drives or printers in your home? Dave's Computer Service can get you connected quickly with wired or wireless networking!
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Basic and Intermediate computer training
Why should you have to learn using someone else's setup?
Learn on your own computer in your own space.
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Small computer software specific training
We specialized in Microsoft Office® products, but can teach most any software to home users.
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Personal web site consulting
We'll help you decide just how much and where you need your personal web site.
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Personal web site creation and publishing
Most reasonable web site development rates in the Nation (well, we should be).  We can help you with web page design, publishing and promotion.
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